STEMmobile Home

The STEMmobile is a 53' tractor-trailer with self-contained power, its own HVAC system, a 4G LTE uplink for internet connectivity, and adjustable-height workstations for twenty-four students. This classroom on wheels is stocked with equipment from Tennessee Tech University’s Oakley STEM Center and includes iPads and/or laptops, hand-held data collection devices, and other standard STEM instructional materials. Additionally, teachers may borrow additional STEM materials and classroom kits for STEM modules to be on hand for classes to begin onboard through the vast inventory of the STEM Center’s Lending Library to supplement the equipping of the STEMmobile.

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STEMmobile Resources

Learning Activities

Each resource page contains the Powerpoint presentation used to teach the activity, as well as worksheets and other documents to be used in conjunction with the activity. Check under the "Supporting Docs" tab to make sure you get everything!

STEM E(x)peditions (45 min. - 90 min. scalable)

STEM Explorations (25 min.)

Teacher Support Videos

STEMmobile Media Kit

These files are for use by UCRSI Hub Schools while hosting the STEMmobile in 2014/2015 school year for media releases they may wish to make either before, during, or after the STEMmobile is at their location. There are two versions of the press release (one short and one long) and schools are asked to leave the text intact with edits made as indicated for custom versions for your schools and with suggested locations for quotes. We also include two images, one exterior and one interior, for general use; but, we encourage your to use your own photos as your newspaper allows. As always, check under "Supporting Docs" to make sure you got everything!

Orientation Guides to the STEMmobile Contents

This collection of files serves as guides to using the STEMmobile. Please note that these files are a work in progress and your feedback is VERY valuable as users of the STEMmobile. This collection is worth checking periodically for updates.

Assessment in the STEMmobile

This collection of documents is a work in progress to support the implementation of the Year 2014/2015 of the STEMmobile. It will be important for Oakley STEM Center to have direct measures of content learning that students undergo while aboard the STEMmobile, as well as other indirect measures of outcomes, such as teacher feedback, etc. Right now, this is a collection of pre/post student questions that we are requesting teachers to use while taking students into the STEMmobile. We welcome all critique of these questions when considered along with the posted powerpoints and worksheets.